Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ch-ch-ch Changes

Right now I am in the midst of making some decorating changes. My little guy, soon to be "big boy", is getting his room redecorated. I've decided on a transportation theme, so to speak. I have a vision in my head what it will look like. Pulling it together, well, that's going to be my own journey. Sure, if I had unlimited funds and the time to shop til I drop...but, I don't.

I am envisioning neutral-colored walls...a bone-white color. (I know it sounds boring to most people or to decorating divas, but I like *fresh* colored walls. Nothing too dark or trendy for me.) Then, the color scheme for his bedding is going to be navy blue, muted red tones, and tan. In my mind I see an interesting, vintage-style, red airplane hanging from the ceiling (kind of like what is in the picture). I am also picturing the use of maps as wall art and a vintage globe or two on his dresser or desk. I would love to find a vintage suitcase for added decor...or imaginary trips. I've been perusing websites for inspiration too. I am going for a look that allows my big boy to grow into his room over time.

I'm in the process of buying a few new pieces and adding some accessories as I find them. I have purchased one item already. It's a Compass Clock from Pottery Barn Kids. It's adorable and goes along with the whole "theme" in my head.
Hopefully his room will all come together nicely in the next few months! Suggestions are welcomed!

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