Sunday, July 5, 2009


Do you have some things you always do as a quilter?

I started thinking about this and started a list of things that I always seem to do.

Here goes...

1. Always use high-quality quilting fabrics for your quilting projects.

My favorite fabric brand is Moda, but there are many to choose from! Maybe too many...fabricholics you know who you are! :o)

2. Always read and understand the directions for a quilting project before starting it.

This is good advice, even for the expert quilter!

3. Always close the blade of your rotary cutter after each cut.

A rotary blade is so sharp and dangerous. Since I am a mother of a young boy, I also never use my rotary cutter in his presence and store it away from his little fingers in a very safe spot.

4. With every new project, always replace the needle in your sewing machine.

Don't sew with a dull needle!

What would be on your list?


Sandra said...

I always shop for new fabric. How's that? I buy more than I make!

anna g. said...

I haven't seen this in stores yet. It is very cute fabric.