Sunday, February 15, 2009

Are you a Fabric Junkie?

It’s a foregone conclusion that once you begin quilting, you become a Fabric Junkie. With that said, there are different categories of fabric junkies. Which type are you?

Casual Accumulator

  • You Mapquest your way to new quilt stores.
  • You love new fabric lines and can't wait to purchase a few fat quarters to add to your stash.
  • You know of a few great on-line fabric stores and you visit the sites on a regular basis.
  • Your fabric stash is neatly organized in a few bins. You have charm packs, fat quarters, and some yardage for borders and binding.

Potential for a Fat Quarter Frenzy

  • You know the quickest routes to all the quilt stores in your area!
  • New fabric lines mean an instant "shop hop" to pick up at least a dozen fat quarters of each line.
  • On-line fabric stores are bookmarked on your computer, you visit the sites a few times a week, and you receive email updates on new fabric lines and sales.
  • Your fabric stash has a great assortment for a variety of projects...charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters, half-yard cuts, yardage for borders and binding, layer cakes, and some backing fabric.

Off the Deep End of the Bolt

  • You could drive to the quilt stores in your sleep!
  • You know when new fabric lines are arriving at your favorite quilt stores and you arrive at the quilt store as soon as they open. You buy at least one fat quarter from every new bolt of fabric.
  • On-line fabric stores are bookmarked on your computer, you are on their sales alert mailing list, you check the sites daily for bargains, and request gift certificates for Christmas and birthday gifts. (When you order a gift certificate for a friend, you pick up a few things for yourself too!)
  • Okay, you have enough fabric to open your own quilt store! You own charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters, half-yard and full-yard cuts, plenty of yardage of your favorite fabrics, border and binding fabrics, layer cakes, backing fabric for multiple quilts, AND all of the latest pre-cuts (Moda Honey Buns, Moda Turnovers). You might even have a full bolt of fabric in your stash! Your fabric is no longer confined to a few bins or even a spare closet. It is taking over an entire room of your house! AND, you don't need a reason to buy more fabric.

If you’ve gone off the deep end of the bolt, let's get together for a Shop Hop!

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Amy said...

Someone throw me a (quilted) floatation device (and maybe a few fat quarters)!!!! I'm definitely off the deep end. So, when do you want to shop??? :o)