Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Product Love

I love this product by Fairfield! I've been using this liquid wash with all of my quilts and I'm impressed, people! If you are going to buy high-quality fabrics and spend many hours making a wonderful quilt...why wouldn't you pay attention to the care and cleaning of your creation? Not any detergent will do, right?

My son's quilts get washed more than any other quilts in my house. He sleeps with his quilts, plays on his quilts, and cuddles up to watch a movie with his quilts. I'm impressed that after many washings, his quilts still look bright and vibrant! I haven't noticed any fading or bleeding of the fabric colors. Thumbs up from this mom! (Of course, I always wash in cold water on a delicate cycle as well.)

QuiltCare Liquid Wash was specifically and carefully developed to gently clean your treasured quilts. It may also be used to clean fine washables, delicate fabrics and lingerie. QuiltCare Liquid Wash is "earth friendly", contains no phosphates, no bleach, and is biodegradable.

QuiltCare Liquid Wash is easy-to-use because it comes with its own teaspoon so you get the perfect wash every time. The spoon has a convenient hole so you can hang it in your laundry room for easy access.

I bought my QuiltCare at my local Joann's Fabric store. Their in-store price was much cheaper than what I've seen at local quilt stores. The QuiltCare runs about 10 dollars a jar at Joann's Fabric compared to 20-22 dollars at quilt stores. But, Joann's Fabric has coupons in their flyers all the time for 40 or 50% off...making this product a steal!

PS~I recommend that you consult a professional before you wash your antique heirloom quilts.

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Jessie said...

Now this is something I've always wanted to try (or give with the quilts I make) but for some reason, I've never used it. I'm glad you can vouch for it. I'm guilty of treating quilts like any other piece of laundry, but they are so much work to make and this would be a simple way to extend their life.